Update - South Florida and Raleigh

Quick update for you. 

1. Coconut Grove in Miami. This was my first time at this event and the overall artist talent level was just off the charts. There was an unbelievable amount of high quality art. And I have to admit that I still get goosebumps thinking, "Wow, I belong here - with all these great artists." It's definitely special.

2. Naples. I'm always happy to go places I've never been and Naples is no different. The dates are March 18-19. Should be great. 

3. I got accepted to show at the upcoming Artsplosure festival in Raleigh, NC in May. Super happy to have this confirmed. This will be my third time at the show but I never take it for granted that I will get in - b/c it's just that competitive. So now that it's official I feel better and breathe easier.