The weekend of February 4-5 I will be showing my work at the Mount Dora Arts Festival. The hours are 9am to 5pm both days. My booth number is D120 which is at the corner of Donnelly and 3rd Street. For more info here is a link to their website

I plan on bringing quite a lot of my art with me - 6 original pieces, 18 giclée reproductions on canvas and plenty of paper giclée prints. Below is the full list of canvas prints. I know sometimes all of the titles get hard to match up with the piece. So if you need to visual reference you can click back into the prints page.

update 02/27/2017 - First things first: Mount Dora was great. This was my third trip there and it was by far my best show in terms of sales. So, that's always good. Next, in the paragraph above I reference a list that I made for all the canvas prints I was bringing with me to the show. Well, I deleted the list b/c it was lengthy and no longer relevant - seeing how this festival was a 3 weeks ago. :) Okay, carry on.