mcdowell smith studios

This is where my art serves as the jumping off point for different merchandise. And I’m starting with shirts -plus iphone cases and some stickers. ;) I hope to add more eventually. The place to buy everything right now is my shop on Design By Humans.

Here’s the link - Shop McDowell Smith Studios

I also want to introduce the wonderfully creative designer that I’ve been working with on this, the one who’s kick started this whole thing: my 16 year old daughter Isabel Smith (pic below).

I wanted to pull things out of the art and give them a different vibe – something with the same feel as my art but more fitting for a shirt. And she’s done that. Actually, she’s gone beyond – sometimes combining elements from different pieces into one design. From a creative standpoint, she’s been pretty inspirational for me. Did I mention that she’s my 16 year old daughter? :)

So please, check them out. Ideally even buy some. We really think you should! And we’re way into feedback/suggestions. If you have a favorite piece of mine that you want to become part of this collection then let us know and we’ll see what we can do. But no promises ha!