Update from the Midwest

from toby - Just thought I would give everyone an update on how we did in Wisconsin and Michigan. 

Madison was beautiful - we totally loved it. The venue is magnificent and the weather was great (thankfully). We sold a record number of canvas giclee reproductions (for one show). It was crazy actually. And overall it was super successful in terms of sales as well as the overall reaction people had to Michelle's work. She also received an "Invitational Award" which means she is automatically invited back next year - which is great b/c the jurying process for this show is very competitive. So looks like we'll be back in 2018! Can't wait to sit down at Graze again.

Ann Arbor was great as well. Last year was our first year there and it was a record breaker in terms of total $ sales. Well, they still love her up there b/c this year we broke the 2016 record pretty easily. :) And as for the town - it's still cool as ever. Favorite restaurant we ventured into was Sava's