St. Augustine Art and Craft Festival Nov 25-26

The weekend of November 25th – 26th I will be showing my work at the St. Augustine Art and Crafts Festival at Francis Field. The hours are 10am to 5pm on Saturday and then 10:00am to 4:30pm on Sunday. My booth number is O1 which on the side of the field closer to US-1 (so a little bit of a walk from the entrance by the parking garage). For more general festival info here is a link to their website

I plan on bringing quite a lot of art work with me, including: 2-3 original pieces, 30 plus giclée reproductions on canvas, 1 reproduction on birch wood, and plenty of giclée quality paper prints.

The complete list of canvas giclée prints and birch wood pieces that I plan to bring is below. I know sometimes all of the titles get hard to match up with the piece. So if you need to visual reference you can click back into the prints page. If you want to reserve one please contact me. You’ll have to prepay but it will ensure that no one can buy the piece before you are able to make it to the show.


post festival note - i went ahead and removed the list of prints since it takes up so much space. ;)