Schedule Update - through the end of 2016.

Got a few more dates to put up which run all the way through the end of my 2016 schedule. Well, there is still a chance I will do the local Riverside Arts Market at some point but it depends on how crazy my life gets. 

  • Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival. August 27-28 - Cary, NC.
  • Arts in the Heart. September 16-18 - Augusta, GA. (First time to Augusta!)
  • Festival in the Park. September 23-25 - Charlotte, NC. (First time to Charlotte!)
  • Fall Arts in the Park. October 8-9 - Blue Ridge, GA. 
  • Ocala Arts Festival. October 22-23 - Ocala, FL. 
  • Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival. November 4-6 - Pensacola, FL. (First time to Pensacola!)
  • St. Augustine Art Festival. November 26-27 - St Augustine, FL.