State Street Art Fair - there and back again

So we made the 16 hour car drive from Jacksonville to Ann Arbor - and then back again (with some meandering along the way home). And it was definitely worth it!! 

We got there a day early so there was time to walk and see the University of Michigan campus some, as well as the downtown area where the festival was held. (I don't always get to do that.) The campus is beautiful and overall Ann Arbor is such a cool place with a plethora of bars, good restaurants and small shops to enjoy. It was fun.

In terms of total $ sales - it was my best show ever. So of course that made me happy! :) Going to a new festival in a totally different part of the country is kinda risky. I knew that no one would know me or be familiar my art so I was definitely nervous/anxious. As it turns out I had nothing to worry about. It was great from the very first hour (actually from before I even officially opened!!). Toby is already looking forward to next summer, and we might even try to link up the trip up with another show in the Midwest. But who knows? Next summer seems an eternity from here to me. 

Oh yes, and I also received an honorable mention in the 2-D art category.  Given the number of seriously talented artists there, I was very pleased and happy about that!