Summer time!

So for the rest of June I am just going to be home and hopefully completing a couple of new pieces. Then I'll hit the road once in July, twice in August, and twice in September. Of those five trips three will be to cities I've never been to before. So should be fun and different. Here's where I'll be:

  • State Street Art Fair. July 21-24 - Ann Arbor, MI. (First time to Michigan! It's only a 16 hour drive...haha!)
  • Piedmont Park Art Festival. Aug 13-14 - Atlanta, GA. 
  • Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival. August 27-28 - Cary, NC.
  • Arts in the Heart. September 16-18 - Augusta, GA. (First time to Augusta!)
  • Festival in the Park. September 23-25 - Charlotte, NC. (First time to Charlotte!)