St. Augustine Art Festival

The weekend of November 26-27 I will be showing my work at the St. Augustine Art Festival. The show is in Francis Field which is super close to downtown making it a great chance to shop for art and have lunch in one of the great local restaurants. The hours are 10am to 5pm on Saturday and 10am to 4:30pm on Sunday. For more info here is a link to their website

I plan on bringing with me 4 original pieces, 21 giclée reproductions on canvas, 4 reproductions on birch wood (plus plenty of paper prints). Below is the list of the canvas reproductions and the birch wood pieces. I know sometimes all of the titles get hard to match up with the piece. So if you need to visual reference you can click back into the prints page. If you would like me to bring something that is not on this list please contact me by Monday, November 14th. :)