ocala done - pensacola next -

Had a super weekend in Ocala! I sold 2 original pieces The Open Door and The Traveler's Gift. It's honestly a little bitter sweet when I sell an original piece. And The Open Door had become such a favorite. People would honestly come into the booth and take a selfie with the wolf. Grown people would. It was so funny. As for The Traveler's Gift - it was my newest piece and was only beginning to settle into my booth. I sort of think it sold too soon but then I know it's not. Both pieces found a great home and I am so happy. Yay.

I also got an award of merit at the show. I'm so honored b/c there are so many great artists there. I bestowed the award to Toby as he seldom gets recognized. :) Check me out on Facebook and/or Instagram to get the full story about it - including his ridiculous response! 

Here I come Pensacola - with a new piece I hope. Nov 4th-6th.