Paper vs Canvas

Printed reproductions of my original works are available on either fine art paper or gallery wrapped canvas. To read more about my giclée prints see further below. Or to browse all prints I have available, click here.

Canvas  Giclée Prints

  • Limited Edition. 50 reproductions per size. Each are numbered and signed. See below for how I define limited edition.

  • Pricing. Begins at $350 for the smallest size and goes up to $1,500 for the largest.

  • Gallery wrapped. Stretched over 1.5 inch wooden bars to give a look very similar to an original piece. 

  • Ready to hang. Because the pieces are gallery wrapped framing them is not necessary.

  • Shipping. Because of the wooden frame the shipping cost will be calculated at checkout. Please don't select the $5 option (which is for paper prints only). 

  • Time Frame. If the piece is in stock then shipping usually occurs within 4-6 business days. Out of stock pieces could take a few days longer.

Paper Giclée Prints

  • Limited Edition. Varies from 50 to 250 printed reproductions. Each are numbered and signed. See below for how I define limited edition. 

  • Pricing. Standard sizes are $60, $120 and $250. However, I can print in custom format - please contact me for more information. Also, artist proofs or special editions will be priced higher. 

  • Archival matte paper. Each is printed on high quality Epson enhanced matte paper. 

  • Ready to frame. Printed with a one inch white border to allow for flexibility in framing. 

  • Shipping. The prints can either be rolled and shipped in a heavy duty cardboard tube for $5 or shipped flat for $15.

  • Time Frame. Most will ship within 2-3 days. If the piece is out of stock then the shipping time will be 4-6 business days. 

-limited edition-

As mentioned above, I create reproductions of my original art in limited amounts. I set those limits based on size and substrate. By substrate I mean the kind of material that is being printed on (e.g., paper, canvas, wood). As a side note, I consider the 2 kinds of paper I print on as separate substrates. Currently my limit is 100 on each size paper print (both kinds), 50 for each size canvas print, and 12 for each size wood reproduction. (In 2014, I was setting the limit for paper prints at 50, which is why you’ll see that limit for some pieces.)

Below are the reproductions that are currently sold out in a particular size and substrate. These won’t be printed again.


Here is more information on giclée prints. I think it could be conceived by some to be a little dry. But if you are interested in what a giclée print is then feel free to read on. :)

Giclée (pronounced jee-klay or zhee-klay) is a French word coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints made on inkjet printers. It is a term often used by frame shops, galleries, and artists (including me) to mean high quality reproduction printing. 

For my giclée reproductions, I solely use a Jacksonville, FL based company called Raven Image for all of my scanning and printing. They are professional, reliable and amazingly consistent with the work they do. 

For Raven, a giclee reproduction begins with a high quality scan. Their scanning technique allows for measurement precision to 1/1000th of an inch. This amount of digital accuracy allows them to create a 200-megapixel file for one of my 48” x 36” pieces. I am not sure exactly what that means but the results are exceptional. :)

Next the printing process uses fade-resistant, archival, pigment based inks produced by Canon’s 12 color Lucia ink system. This system produces an incredibly wide color range. They also work meticulously to digitally mask and manually adjust colors prior to printing in order to achieve an end result which matches my original work. In addition, the images are printed only on archival substrates, such as high quality paper or canvas. Lastly, they apply a UV coating which helps to protect the image from light damage through the years.

So, essentially that is what I mean when I use the term giclée. It is so much more than just scanning and printing. It’s professionally done and I am very happy with the results. If you buy a giclée reproduction from me (either on paper or canvas), I am confident you will be pleased with it.