Jacksonville/St. Augustine:  The best way is to check out my work in one of two local shops.

  1. Complete Choice Framing - This frame shop and art gallery is located in the the Mandarin part of town at 11112 San Jose Blvd # 27, Jacksonville, FL 32223. The shop's owner Chris is both knowledgeable and cool. He carries both paper and canvas prints.

  2. Trends Home Decor - This is an awesome art/furniture/gift shop. Lori Gustavson Taylor is the owner who is also an excellent designer and artist herself. The shop is in the San Marco area at 3919 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207.

Another local option is just to order from my website and we can coordinate a pick-up or delivery option. Toby (my husband) can usually meet you somewhere in town (maybe a middle point between us like a Publix parking lot or something). If you need something special like same day delivery right to your doorstep then that would be a $25 fee - assuming we can even do it.

Pre-festival orders: Purchasing a piece, such as a giclee print on canvas, and then arranging with me to meet up at a festival can save the cost of shipping. Generally I would say that about 2 weeks advance notice is needed in order to make sure that I will be able to bring the piece with me to the show. I'll provide my exact booth location in order to ease logistical issues as much as possible. If you are interested in this option please reach out to me at michellemcdowellsmith@gmail.com or on the Purchase/Contact page.

International delivery: To Canada I currently ship paper prints (regardless of quantity) for a flat rate of $15. To the UK and the European Union paper prints will ship for a flat rate of $20. Please keep in mind that your order might be subject to an import tax (duty) in order to have it delivered. I am no specialist in this area but just thought you should be aware. If you live in any of these countries and you would like a canvas giclée reproduction print, please email me at michellemcdowellsmith@gmail.com or leave me a note on the Purchase/Contact page.