Lyla Foy

Here is some of the music I'm listening to lately in my studio. Just thought I'd share. Hoping to post here and there. Feel free to comment or even share whatever you're listening to... :)

I stumbled upon Lyla Foy's music quite accidentally. I don't even remember exactly where it was that I found her. But however it came to be I feel tremendously happy about it. I love her music. It works so well for me in the studio b/c somehow her voice, the rhythm, and the lyrics all flow so perfectly with my own creative thoughts. So...check it out. 

Link to her song "Impossible"

Link to her song "Honeymoon"

Wish I Was Here - Soundtrack

So, am I allowed to post a soundtrack? And to a movie I haven't even seen yet? I am listening to the music though and it's really good. It has a lot of wonderful songs including one from The Shins called So Now What which I just love. Well, I like all of it so that's why I am posting it! :) 

Here is a link to The Shins song. Check it out. Or click on the the movie poster image and it takes you to a youtube audio of the whole soundtrack...

Ben Howard

Ben Howard is a folk singer-songwriter from England. I came across his Every Kingdom album somehow last summer and immediately loved the acoustic guitar sound and his storytelling style of lyric writing. At times it's a perfect fit for me as I sit and paint or even just sit and wonder what to paint - as i tend to do. :)

Below are links to his songs Old Pine and Keep Your Head Up.


Grouplove is a good energy band from somewhere (LA? NYC? Athens? haha). I love the song they did for Fault in Our Stars and I included a link to a live version in Amsterdam. Then also a video for their song Ways To Go. Love it or not, it's what i am listening to! ;)

Lord Huron

Lord Huron is an indie/folk group based in LA but I think they are from Michigan originally. (I make no promises about that fact!) They're peaceful yet a familiar dream...a familiar, good dream. They also make cool videos and put them on youtube ~ the links below are for their songs Ends of the Earth (top link) and Time to Run

Lily and Madeline

Lily and Madeline are a sister folk/pop duo from Indianapolis. I heard them first on NPR's All Songs Considered. I kinda forgot about them after that but somehow came across them again recently. I am loving them right now. They released their first album called Lily and Madeline back in October of 2013.  Here is a link to their youtube NPR Tiny Desk video.