The Olive Tree - 48x36 - Canvas Giclée

The Olive Tree.jpg
The Olive Tree.jpg

The Olive Tree - 48x36 - Canvas Giclée


The piece is normally priced at $650 but is now only $500 (from Monday November 28th through midnight Sunday December 4th). Standard shipping still applies - please choose the UPS ground option which will appear after you input your shipping address. 

  • A canvas giclée reproduction - 48"x 36".
  • Gallery wrapped canvas.
  • Limited edition #9 of 50.
  • Ships within 2 business days. 

The Olive Tree holds a promise for peace. It is hopeful and serenely optimistic.

The trunk is old, gnarled and twisted yet still it supports the growth of golden leaves and beautiful olives. Incorporated in its branches is an image of St. Gerasimos removing a thorn from the paw of a lion. Because of the Saint’s compassion the lion returned with him to the monastery to live a peaceful life with the monks.

I find that sometimes the piece inspires me to take an inward view and other times I see it as a broader aspiration for the future. 

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