Starlight and Providence - 24x32 - Canvas Giclée

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Starlight and Providence.jpg
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Starlight and Providence - 24x32 - Canvas Giclée


The piece is normally priced at $350 but is now only $275 (from Monday November 28th through midnight Sunday December 4th). Standard shipping still applies - please choose the UPS ground option which will appear after you input your shipping address. 

  • A canvas giclée reproduction - 24" x 32".
  • Gallery wrapped canvas.
  • Limited edition #3 of 50.
  • Ships within 1-2 business days.

There are moments where we find ourselves gazing up into the night sky, marveling at its vastness. And we’re overwhelmed with the tiniest pinpoints of light which have made their way to us past millions of miles of sheer nothingness.

It’s in the night sky where the intersection of science and magic comes crashing into our consciousness. We accept it as a vantage point which emphasizes our tiny existence, while at the same time possibly showing us our destiny.

The owl comes soaring down embodying these ideas of starlight and providence. He is the wise one, flying in and out of the shadows and splendor of the nighttime sky. Somehow he holds memories of our past and clues to our future and we long for even a glimpse of him before he disappears again into the darkness.  

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