Songs of Land and Sky - 36x36 - Canvas Giclée

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Songs of Land and Sky__.jpg
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Songs of Land and Sky - 36x36 - Canvas Giclée


The piece is normally priced at $550 but is now only $400 (from Monday November 28th through midnight Sunday December 4th). Standard shipping still applies - please choose the UPS ground option which will appear after you input your shipping address. . 

  • A canvas giclée reproduction - 36"x 36".
  • Gallery wrapped canvas.
  • Limited edition #19/50.
  • Ships within 2 business days. 

This is written on the music rack in the piece:

pins on maps and postcards from last summer marking time and places, memories and the subtle differences of foothills and forests in changing light when day turns into night and then day again. In this land where trees are deep and green, and where the wind sweeps down from the mountains, the distant meadows hold yesterday’s dreams. I dream of becoming myself again while I wait for word from loved ones with stories of safer grounds bringing news and a thousand secret openings in the sky. Who will find their way in to yesterday’s stories? Who will play the next song? In the back of my mind music envelops me. I push forward. I climb mountains and I take the captain’s ship across the sea. My journey, maybe you cannot imagine it, so I will write you a letter to pin on a map, the anticipation is lovely isn’t it? But there is more to say and I... 

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