happy holidays!

Dec 18th update: Hello! The dates below have now all come and gone - which means Christmas is just that much closer! So please keep in mind that while you can continue to order anything you like, I’m no longer sure you’ll receive it by Dec 24th. You very well might - esp if you live close to Jax FL - but I can’t be sure. And by the way gift cards are emailed (and then printed if you’d like) so that could be the better option now.

If you are wanting to receive your order by Christmas day, please keep these purchase deadlines in mind. :)

  • Canvas Reproductions - Dec 11th - Final day to order most canvas reproductions.

  • Canvas Reproductions that are ready to go. Dec 14th - Everything in the list below is what I have in my studio ready to ship right now.

  • Paper Giclée Prints - Dec 17th - Final day to order a paper giclée print. You can order any of my paper prints from the main print page - click here.

  • Gift Cards - No deadline. :) Gift cards are emailed so really you could do it on Christmas morning. For the ultimate last minute shopper! click here.

The following are all the canvas prints that are ready to ship. If the canvas print that you want is not shown below then you can still get it but you would need to order it from the main print page by December 11th to get it in time for Christmas.